Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Process


What is the process of stopping?

My approach to smoking cessation is not ‘bish, bash, bosh, you are now a non­smoker’.

The key to becoming a non­smoker is the realisation that you really don’t need it and you really don’t want it (ever), irrespective of the circumstances. You might think that’s kind of obvious, but many people struggle to quit because they believe smoking does something for them and they feel that without it they are being deprived. When life throws a wobbly they inevitably turn to the cigarette for perceived comfort or solace. But when you know that it only makes things worse, when you have better alternatives available to you ­ you won’t be lured back into the smoking.

Sessions are 1 to 3 hours in length and tailored by your specific motivations

Session breakdown

(not necessarily in this order)
  • Initial consultation
  • The agreement
  • About me
  • My approach
  • What is hypnosis / guided visualisation
  • FAQ’s
  • Smoking History
  • Why now?
  • Health risks
  • Health benefits
  • Why quitting can be difficult
  • 4 pillars
  • Smoking diary
  • Craving interventions
  • The 4 pillars in detail
  • Smoking interventions